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Cranberry Liqueur

RubyBlue Spirits

Made in small batches with whole cranberries for a delicious natural flavour that can be enjoyed in Prosecco, cocktails, and desserts.

Delicately sweet with a little tartness from the Cranberries its balanced perfectly for you to enjoy.

Signature Serve: Enjoy on Ice, With Prosecco to create a Cranberry Bellini or With Orange to make a Cosmo.

  • 5 x times distilled to 96.4% abv
  • charcoal filtered cut to 17 % ABV |34 Proof


  • Whole fruit Cranberries

  • Irish Barley

  • Filtered Irish Water

  • Sugar

  • 17%
  • Lisburn, Co. Antrim
RubyBlue Spirits
Cranberry Liqueur

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