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Craft Beverage Exporters

We export Ireland’s finest craft beers, whiskies and gins to all four corners of the world.

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Craft Beverage Exporters

The Taste of Ireland, Worldwide

Ireland Craft Beers Ltd. is an export, distribution and marketing company. We are 100% committed and passionate about Irish craft beer and aim to ensure beer lovers further afield get to taste some of what Ireland has to offer.

Our mission is to help Irish micro-breweries & distilleries export their premium, artisan produce to reach the international markets, allowing adventurous craft beer drinkers to taste something new. While breweries focus on brewing, we concentrate on exporting in the most cost effective, streamlined way possible. Ireland Craft Beers have a vast experience in sales, marketing, finance, global logistics and distribution. Combine this with the extensive expertise of Irish craft breweries and we make a formidable team!

We believe that it is only fair to share some of Ireland's craft beer treasures with the rest of the world - so whether you are a brewery, a supplier or a beer enthusiast, we would love to hear from you.

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Best Craft Beer Bars in Belfast

Post by Kevin McLaughlin on May 17, 2018
Because of its “difficult” past, Northern Ireland has always been a little bit behind the trend. The craft beer movement had a slow start here, but it’s really built up a head of stea...
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Best Craft Beer Bars in Belfast

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