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Porterhouse Brewing

Glasnevin, Co. Dublin

The year is 1981 and two Irish cousins, Oliver Hughes & Liam LaHart, are living in North London. One in University, the other working on the buildings. Their pallet was accustomed to the usual, the bland Irish pub offerings. They both see their eyes widen in London to the world of beer and the intricacy of it. This time spent together proved to be the bedrock for the Porterhouse Brewing Company. Inspiration taken from different brewers all over the U.K. gave Oliver & Liam the confidence that something similar could work across the Irish sea. In 1983, Hughes & LaHart set up Harty’s Brewery with the aim of putting a craft malty, lightly hopped hand-pumped ale across Dublin pubs. This is where Oliver & Liam earned their first degree in the University of Life.

The beer was taken in over 40 bars across the capital however lines cut by the big boys and an unsophisticated debt collection system saw Harty’s soon go out of business. However, Oliver and Liam knew they would learn more from their failures than their successes and so in 1989 they set up their first bar in Bray, Co. Wicklow. To make it different, there was a man with a van sent to Belgium to bring back beer that wouldn’t be available in any other bar in Ireland at the time. It worked. There was seemingly an interest in the obscure.

In 1996, Hughes & LaHart opened Ireland’s first brewpub, The Porterhouse located in Temple Bar in the heart of Dublin City. We were Ireland’s first pub not to sell any of the major brands and bets were taken as to how long the bar would last before installing any of the big beers. Twenty-one years later and still going strong! The Porterhouse brand grew from strength to strength and soon it became clear that our 10-barrel brew pub would not fill the demand.

During this time, we won the “Best Stout in the World” twice, in 1998 and again in 2012, for our Plain Porter. As the craft beer phenomenon began to take shape in Ireland and further afield, our new 60-barrel brewery suddenly started to look a little bit small. In 2017 our new brewery opens this 120-barrel plant will see our capacity grow once again.

The brewery will give our Head Brewer, Peter Mosley, more opportunity to experiment as well as a chance to show off our incredible new facility in the form of a visitor centre as well as gigs and events that we will start running from 2018! While we have always prided ourselves on our stouts from the consistently award winning Plain Porter to the incredibly interesting XXXX Stout and our Oyster Stout which is simply not suitable for vegetarians, we also have produced an array of stunning beers over the last 21 years. These include four ales: our always popular Nitro Red Ale; the 6.5% tasty drop An Brain Blásta; the hoppy and seductive Porterhouse IPA and the refreshing Dublin Pale Ale. We also brew three exceptional and varying lagers: The antidote to lager fatigue, Porterhouse Pilsner; the genuinely flavoursome Temple Lager and our light lager Chiller.

Porterhouse Brewing Company has always been about bringing people together. It brought two cousins together back in 1996. It’s been proudly bringing people together ever since. The Porterhouse Brewing Company gave birth to the Irish Craft Beer movement with Hughes & LaHart often heralded as the Godfathers of Irish Craft Beer. The Porterhouse and the beer scene has changed a lot in 21 years but the people behind it haven’t. We are still a bunch of beer nerds who sit around, discuss and debate anything and everything that involves hops, yeast and malt. We don’t see this changing anytime soon!

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