Ireland Craft Beers


Kalak Vodka

West Cork, Co. Cork

They say that winter spread from her icy staff, drawing a white veil over the raw and sacred ground. Brutal fury and relentless force have conspired with an ancient art to conjure this spirit from the land. In the eye of the tempest, at the edge of the old world, Kalak Vodka is carefully crafted. Home grown malted barley, pure, cold mountain water, and the patience of stone have come together in this bold spirit named for the Celtic queen of Winter, Kalak, ("An Cailleach").

Kalak is a vodka unlike any other, one with a new level of purity and depth that’s there from the start. Vodka with the cobwebs blown off. Kalak Vodka is meticulously crafted from Irish malted barley and pure mountain water. Four times pot distilled in West Cork, it is pure, smooth and intriguingly complex.

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