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Searbh Rua Imperial Sour Red

The White Hag

An artisan sour amber ale inspired by the ancient brewers of the Irish northwest of Ireland.

Before the advent of refrigeration and advances in the science of fermentation in the mid-nineteenth century, almost all beer was, to varying degrees, sour. Now sour beers are made by intentionally allowing wild yeast strains or bacteria into the brew. This Irish Imperial Sour Red is not as harsh as some of it's sour cousins, sue to the balancing sweetness from the rich malts used.

On the nose it has caramel and toffee sweetness combined with a clear citrus note and a hint of peat. Deep ambe. Mild tartness from the yeasts is balanced by sweetness of rich Irish Malt.

This sour works really well with crustaceans like West of Ireland crab and lobster. Also perfect with cheeses as the tartness of this Sour Red will cut through nicely. Best served at 8°C.

  • 7.9%
  • Secret
  • Ballymote, Co. Sligo
  • Fish, Cheese
The White Hag
Searbh Rua Imperial Sour Red

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