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Premium Potato Vodka Cask-Aged

RubyBlue Spirits

Our Small Batch Award Winning Potato Vodka is rested in Irish Whiskey Casks for 4 Months Crafting an Indulgent Unforgettable Vodka with Spicy Vanilla Aromas & Delicate Whiskey Notes… Incredibly smooth and mellow.

Signature Serve: Enjoy neat or in a Dry Martini

Irelands 1st Cask-Aged Vodka

  • 3 x times distilled
  • Small batch column still to 96% abv cut to 60% ABV |120 Proof
  • Aged for 4 months in Irish Whiskey Casks that originated in Tennessee
  • Cut to 40% | 80 proof with artesian water from the Blue hills of Antrim
  • Filtered through Irish Linen


  • Late season Potato
  • 40%
  • Lisburn, Co. Antrim
RubyBlue Spirits
Premium Potato Vodka Cask-Aged

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