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Blackcurrant Cassis Liqueur

RubyBlue Spirits

It tastes like fruit, because it’s made with real fruit! Handcrafted in small batches from quintuple distilled Irish grain spirit and authentically infused with delicious whole fruits for a rich authentic flavour.

Signature Serve: Enjoy on crushed Ice with Prosecco to make a Kir Royale, or with Gin and Lemon to make a Bramble Cocktail. Delicious on ice cream and desserts.

Irelands 1st Fruit Liqueurs

  • 5 x times distilled to 96.4% abv
  • Charcoal filtered
  • Cut to 17 % ABV |34 Proof
  • Aged for 3 months in bottle with Single whole fruit before release


  • Whole fruit Blackcurrants

  • Irish Barley Filtered

  • Irish Water

  • Sugar

  • 17%
  • Lisburn, Co. Antrim
RubyBlue Spirits
Blackcurrant Cassis Liqueur

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