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Bran Sceolan Irish IPA

The White Hag

An American-style IPA made with 5 hop types. Pine and citrusy grapefruit are balanced by a full, malt backbone.

There are many derivatives of the IPA, or India Pale Ale, most notable the American versions, which have increased in popularity exponentially. Ours is the Irish IPA, made our way, with the impeccable waters of Lough Talt on our doorstep in County Sligo on the West coast of Ireland. The origins of the IPA however date back to the British occupation of India. For the British to bring their own ales across the long and bumpy sea journeys, they learned that higher ABV’s and bucket-loads of hops were necessary to maintain the integrity of the beer. What followed was a revolution, not political, but a genre of ale that stretched further than the colonial footprint of the British Empire.

Pours with and maintains a moderate head. Golden to amber, even peachy in colour. High hoppy aromas that will make you smile! The flavor is equally hoppy, and the citrusy taste is balanced with plenty of malty sweetness.

Due to the hop-forward big-flavour that you get from this Irish IPA, it is necessary to stand up to that flavour when pairing. A creamy Irish Cashel Blue cheese will be a mouthfeel and taste sensation, or a punchy Indian curry will meet the hops halfway. Best served at 8°C

  • 7.2%
  • Secret
  • Ballymote, Co. Sligo
  • Cheese, Indian
The White Hag
Bran Sceolan Irish IPA

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