Ireland Craft Beers


Porterhouse Brew Co.

Glasnevin, Co. Dublin


Oliver Hughes and Liam LaHart, cousins (more like brothers) came into this world in 1959. Not that it was known then, but an important year for the beer scene in Ireland. Oliver was born in Dublin but spent most of his childhood and teenage years in the UK however every summer he would travel back to Ireland to Gortnahoe in County Tipperary where Liam lived. This is where they formed a bond that would last decades and leave behind a legacy.


Oliver and Liam moved back to Ireland in the early 80’s wanting to open their own brewery. In 1983 Harty’s Brewery opened in Blessington, Co. Wicklow. Brewing a traditional cask ale, malty and lightly hopped Harty’s saw some initial success. However, this is where Oliver and Liam earned their first degree in the University of Life with beer lines cut by the multinationals and an unsophisticated debt collection program leaving Harty’s go out of business.


In 1996 Oliver and Liam opened Dublin first brewpub. Intent on selling only independent beers, primarily focusing on our core range, it was expected the pub would close within six months. Peter Mosley came on as head brewer and a number of core beers were produced ranging from heavy stouts to light lagers. Dublin had never seen the like. This ten barrel brewery would only last a couple years before it needed expansion


In 2000, we moved into our new sixty-barrel brewery in Blanchardstown, Co. Dublin. This brewery gave us our first ever opportunity to sell our beer into other bars. We did this at a small level in Dublin, where “craft” beer had yet to take off, but more so in Central Europe where we began to see an uptake in some of our core beers, namely Plain Porter, Oyster Stout and our Nitro Red Ale.


In 2011 we opened our first pub in New York City. Fraunces Tavern, one of the oldest pubs in the country, was then followed by the Porterhouse Brew Co. Both are located in the Financial District of Manhattan.

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