Ireland Craft Beers


Lacada Brewery

Portrush, Co Antrim

Lacada is an award-winning community owned co-operative brewery based on the North Coast. Launched in October 2015, the brewery has quickly established itself within the local craft beer market. It’s artfully produced beers take their names from landmarks and stories on the Causeway Coast, thus tying the product firmly with the visitor experience to our area.

Lacada is derived from ‘Liach Fada’, meaning the long stone. It is the name given to a rocky outcrop near the Giant’s Causeway upon which the ‘Girona’ foundered in 1588. Being one of the last surviving vessels of the Spanish Armada she was packed with nobility and treasure. The Gold Salamander was the most valuable of these and is the emblem of our brewery as we bring people beer to treasure from the north coast.

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