Ireland Craft Beers


Hillstown Brewery

Randalstown, Co. Antrim

Hillstown Brewery is collaboration between Hillstown Farm Shop and and Get’er Brewed homebrew shop based in Randalstown, County Antrim Northern Ireland. Between them, they also bring an interesting story along with them. Their initial idea was to produce beer-fed beef, with the finest ingredient and their own home brew recipes.

The beer-fed beef was so popular, they had to scale-up their production quickly and resulted in the pair of them breeding the finest rare breed short horn beef in the country. Since the cattle liked their beer so much, they decided to create some for the public to consume.

Hillstown Brewery are extremely passionate about hand-crafted produce. They are dedicated to trying to educate beer drinkers that it is about the quality, not quantity and to simply enjoy each bottle for its taste and in moderation. Their aim is to produce unique craft beers on the farm for the taste and follow the journey to make a difference to how beer is enjoyed locally.

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