Ireland Craft Beers


Dingle Distillery

Dingle, Co. Kerry

The Dingle Distillery is the creation of Oliver Hughes, Liam LaHart and Peter Mosley; the same people behind Porterhouse Brewing Company, one of the most established craft brewery in Ireland since 1996. As the owners matured, so did their palates, so they turned their attention to Whiskey.

In 2012, The Dingle Whiskey Distillery was born. The first Dingle Whiskey Casks were filled on the 18th December 2012. Three years and a day later on the 19th December 2015, one cask, Cask No. 2 was released.

The ethos of this distillery was to have quality over quantity. Therefore, in their whiskey, they use three distinctive, hand-crafted copper pot stills. This includes the unique design, incorporating a boil ball, which encourages reflux and has much to do with the remarkable smoothness and purity of the whiskey and a swan neck pot still to achieve our desired effect on our award-winning Gin and Vodka.

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