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Dan Kelly's Cider

Our award winning cider is fermented using wild yeast. We don’t add sulphites or any other additives. A slow, cool ferment though the winter months ensures that the full complexity of the cider shines through. We age the cider for at least a year in tanks before we bottle.

Dan Kelly’s Cider cider has no additives. It is made from apple juice and a tiny addition of water. It is suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

Dan Kelly’s Cider drinks medium-dry with a crisp refreshing acidity and hints of honeyed red apple. Best served chilled and without ice.

Perfect to drink by itself, it is also a great with food. Cider has always been great with pork, but is also great with spicy foods like Mexican, Indian or Thai. In fact we believe it goes well with any food!

Our cider is lightly carbonated with an ABV of 4.5%.

  • 4.5%
  • pork, mexican, indian, thai
Dan Kelly's Cider