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A No-Nonsense History Lesson on Irish Craft Beer

By Deirdre Kirwan on June 8, 2015

Not being one for the long winded version of a story I’ve decided to give our fellow craft beer enthusiasts a bit of quick and snappy history lesson on how the craft beer industry became what it is today. I know there’s reams of articles, blogs, and academic papers on this topic but I’ve broken it down, taken out all the boring bits and left you with a brief synopsis. You may even like to regurgitate this information in a social ...
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​ABV Fest Belfast Review

By Shane McCarthy on June 2, 2015

The Titanic Drawing Offices were historically a hub of ideas, innovation and great design and last weekend at ABV Fest we might say the same creativity was bounding between those walls. Rather than focus be placed on the craft of shipbuilding, the spotlight shone brightly on the craft of beer. Given our new business venture, Ireland Craft Beers Ltd saw this festival as a perfect opportunity to meet and build rapport with people i...
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5 Common Slags from the ‘Unconverted’

By Deirdre Kirwan on May 25, 2015

Ok so the title of this post sounds a bit cult-like but it’s tongue-in-cheek and the ‘unconverted’ refer to our beloved family and friends who seriously dislike or refuse to try craft beers. I’m sure you all know a few of these people! I get a laugh out of the slagging that I’m bombarded with when I’m in a pub and ask the bar tender my usual opening question ‘So which Irish craft beers do you stock?’ The sighs and ey...
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