Ireland Craft Beers


Red Dawn: A Red Ale Revolution

By Kevin McLaughlin on May 2, 2018

When people think of a beer style that represents Ireland almost to a person they will think of Stout/Porter, but despite being synonymous with our ancient island, it is by origin a city of London style. A true and sometimes maligned Irish beer style is the Red Ale. A Red Ale is similar in many ways to a pale ale or English bitter, it leans heavy on the malt for flavour with hops added early in the boil for bitterness but lit...
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The Resurrection Whiskey Tasting – Dublin’s’ 57 The Headline

By Brendan Carty on April 30, 2018

One of those random midweek whiskey tastings in Dublin that you just can’t miss. Especially if there is no work the next day in The North. The Resurrection Whiskey Tasting was organised by Celtic Whiskey Shop and was located in a great wee spot called 57 The Headline, a perfect venue for the event.With the welcome rise in whiskey events across the Island, we are almost entering a healthy completion, as a whiskey enthusiast can’t make ...
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An Irish Craft Beer Has Reached New Heights

By Conor McCaffery on April 27, 2018

Following on from my previous blog piece on Cans, let's touch on the topic once again. Right now, you probably think I have some weird obsession with Cans of beer, but this new excitement comes from some great news! Ireland Craft Beers recently teamed up with Boyne Brewhouse to create the first bespoke Irish Craft Beer for Icelandair Airways, The 737 Transatlantic IPA! Quite difficult not to be smug right now...but I to...
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