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5 Common Slags from the ‘Unconverted’

Posted By Deirdre Kirwan on May 25, 2015

Ok so the title of this post sounds a bit cult-like but it’s tongue-in-cheek and the ‘unconverted’ refer to our beloved family and friends who seriously dislike or refuse to try craft beers. I’m sure you all know a few of these people!

I get a laugh out of the slagging that I’m bombarded with when I’m in a pub and ask the bar tender my usual opening question ‘So which Irish craft beers do you stock?’ The sighs and eye-rolls are only the tip of the ice on Coors Mountain.

I can’t be the only one who gets grief, so I’ve decided to make a list of the top 5 slags / jeers / jibes (depending on where you are in the country) to see if any of you ‘craft beer w***ers’ out there can relate to or top some of mine.

1. Are you one of those ould hipsters now?

This is the most common slag. If the definition of a hipster is someone who drinks craft beers then yes I am one, as is my elderly uncle….(although wait, he does wear a tartan cap).

2. You’re only drinking it to be different!

Another oldie but goodie. I find it hard to have a comeback for this because yes, I am drinking craft beer to be different. It’s different from other beers as in it tastes better and I like it. And so I’m different, how bad?

3. So are you too good for Heineken now?

This is probably the second most common slag after the hipster jibe. If I decided I preferred to drink gin instead of vodka would people be up in arms defending poor old vodka saying I’ve turned my back on it? I don’t think so, so why is it so weird to convert to local brews rather than buy into these big multi-national brands. In saying this, if a Heineken is put in front of me, I won’t say no but it’s not my first choice.

4. Craft beer smells like cattle feed!

Yes folks, this has actually been said. I’m not sure what the cattle are getting fed in County Down but it appears they have a better diet than me. I’d take a trough of Irish craft beer any day!

5. It’s a fleeting phase, it will pass soon!

The craft beer market is only getting stronger and we have statistics to show this (in a blog feature soon). We are under no illusion that the love of a craft beer will fade anytime soon! Check out our earlier blog post which gives 10 very good reasons why!

We’d love to hear some of the slags you’ve gotten from family or friends for being a craft beer snob! We might even try and muster up a prize for the best one – will it beat our number 4?!