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The Resurrection Whiskey Tasting – Dublin’s’ 57 The Headline

Posted By Brendan Carty on April 30, 2018

One of those random midweek whiskey tastings in Dublin that you just can’t miss. Especially if there is no work the next day in The North. The Resurrection Whiskey Tasting was organised by Celtic Whiskey Shop and was located in a great wee spot called 57 The Headline, a perfect venue for the event.

With the welcome rise in whiskey events across the Island, we are almost entering a healthy completion, as a whiskey enthusiast can’t make them all. That said this event was easily among the best attended. A big thank-you to Ireland Craft Beers for providing my ticket tthe event.Some of the hosts included Jarlath Watson from (Echlinville Distillery), Emmet Murphy (Celtic Whiskey Shop), Dave Mulligan (Bán Poitín), Stephen Magennis (Celtic Whiskey Shop) who provided a great evening full of craic, enthusiasm and well-informed whiskey conversation.

As it is difficult to get hand onto a diverse range of rare quality halfuns this tasting was a real gem. Some of the the line-up included: 3 crowns Dunville peated, DWD Heritage Edition, Tyrconnell 16 year old sherry finish, Tyrconnell 16 year old madeira, Dunville 7 year rum finish,Dunville three crowns, Dunville PX 10 year and the latest batch of Bán Poitín.

Bán PoitIn

Bán Poitín deserve a special shout out for their amazing product and for educating the sheltered world of Irish spirit enthusiasts. Their super tasty product is a testament to both Irish History and the creativity of Dave Mulligan who is spearheading the Poitín revival. A revical which more and more people are coming to realise. After all it is our native spirit and enjoys the same regional protection as a Single Pot Still. This refreshing spirit is made from a mixture of grains, potatoes and beets while boasting a slight smokiness from its partial underground ageing, yes you heard right, it is aged underground!! The charisma of its creators is evident in the flavour, I will be back for more.

Dunville PX 10-year old

After an awesome night’s craic listening to the guys and fellow enthusiasts, my winner was loud and clear. The Dunville PX 10-year old was a welcome change in direction to whiskeys I have tasted of late, its clever finishing techniques provide a mouthful of Christmas pudding with a refreshing whack of tannins but not too much as the sweet sherry completed the package. This Sherried finish stayed with me for some time after while I gladly prepared myself for the extra glass the unfortunate absentee beside me missed out on. The 46% provides a generous raisin and vanilla note that are balanced well with the green apple gooseberry and mint. Fair play to Echlinville for reinventing what tastes like premium Cooley stock, it is a testament to what else is to come from this distillery in the future. Its a 9/10 from my young palate. Well done Guys!!

Luckily Ireland Craft Beers are involved with the distribution of these spirits to Irish Whiskey and Poitín fans throughout the world. Now people far and wide can celebrate what Ireland has to offer. Thank you ICB’s Shane & Liam for the ticket gift it was most enjoyable.