Ireland Craft Beers


There's a Craft Beer For Every Occasion

Posted By Colin Brannigan on March 31, 2016

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You probably know what craft beer to choose depending on what meal you want to pair it with (or if not, have a look at our Beverages portfolio – each one includes recommendations for the type of food it should be enjoyed with). But have you ever wondered what Irish craft beer to pick depending on the situation you’re in? Here is Ireland Craft Beer’s guide for choosing the right Irish craft beer according to various occasions:

  1. Pre-drinks/Social night out - looking ahead at a night full of fun with your friends, but you don’t know what beverages to bring? We recommend choosing either of our Golden Ales or one of these Red Ales.
  2. Dinner meal with friends/family - definitely go with a nice Pale Ale or a nice Porter / Stout, which is a great beer to go with dessert.
  3. Relaxing with your other half on a Friday night over a movie – in this case we recommend choosing a lighter Irish craft beer such as a Sour Ale or a fresh Wheat Beer or White Beer.
  4. For a Birthday or Festive party – there are so many anniversaries, birthdays and holidays to be celebrated with family and friends all year round, so you’ll certainly have plenty of occasions to try out that special brew that you’ve been keeping, but for a safe we’d recommend going for an Irish Craft Lager or an APA.
  5. Summer BBQ – as soon as the weather gets warmer and summer gets closer, it’s time to organise a BBQ and what better beverages to choose to go with the food than a nice Summer Ales, a hoppy IPA or an Irish Cider.

What do you think of our list, are there any other Irish craft beers you’d like to suggest? Let us know what’s your favourite Irish craft beer or cider to enjoy all year round in the comments.