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The Ireland Craft Beer Story

Posted By Colin Brannigan on April 27, 2015

What is craft beer?

The definition around this term is still somewhat imperfect, however it distils a new movement in which many have sought to get behind. We should not let the difficulty of defining this term delude us in any way. For beer enthusiasts, craft beer is more than just a unique and delicious beer, it is a revolution against the industrialised mass beer market that has been smothering the global craft beer space for decades. When you think of craft beers, you should be relating to words such as, small, authentic, honest, independent and most of all CHOICE.

Where do Irish Breweries fit in?

According to, there were 27 pubs serving craft beer in Ireland back in 2010, in early 2014, that figure was 559. The Irish beer industry is now on course for more that 15million Euros in sales, this has tripled in size since 2011 as customers seek more choice. With the industry growing rapidly within the domestic market, breweries are now seeking to bring this authentic Irish beer taste to the international retail market. With circa 70 million Irish passport holders living around the globe, many of who are second – or third-generation Irish people, and all of which hold their ancestry and tastes close to the island of Ireland.

The story of Ireland Craft Beers Ltd…

Toward the end of late 2014, three young beer enthusiasts came together with the idea of putting Ireland Craft Beers on the global map. We set out on a mission to help this booming industry serve not only the Irish expats, but all craft beer enthusiasts across the globe. After months of continuous research, pitching and relationship building, Ireland Craft Beers have now launched their international business model with the vision of helping Irish craft breweries export their premium, artisan craft beers and ciders to the global markets.

Each of us bring a different story to the table, alongside an extensive tool-box of experience. We allow breweries to focus on the brewing, while we concentrate on the exporting. With our knowledge base covering sales, marketing, finance, global logistics and distribution, we have combined this with the expertise of the local Irish craft breweries to take on the international craft beer market.

Our website Portfolio will always be a continuous work in progress as we bring new and exciting micro-breweries on board. Some of our top features will include:

  • Food & craft combinations and suggestions
  • Featured top-rated Irish craft beers and breweries
  • Updates on local and global craft beer festivals and events
  • Guest Bloggers and competitions
  • Ecommerce module to allow straight through processing for global distributors on stock orders

Thanks again for stopping by, stay tuned for future developments coming soon…