Ireland Craft Beers


​5 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy a Craft Beer this Winter

Posted By Shane McCarthy on December 17, 2015

Irish craft beer is an exquisite type of beverage all year round, but here are our top 5 reasons why you should enjoy (at least) a pint this winter!

1. Festive Irish Craft Beers

Every winter, Irish artisan micro-breweries create some new and delicious festive varieties that go great with the cold season. This year, why not try White Hag’s Christmas Ale or Independent’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine?

2. Discover a new taste this Christmas…

There are so many varieties of Irish craft beer out there that go great with all sorts of meals, that sometimes it’s a bit hard to choose. We’ve decided to make life easier for you and for a Christmas meal we recommend Shanco Dubh Porter from Brehon Brewhouse that will go exceptionally well with a Christmas roast.

3. …And offer something different

If you know someone who appreciates Irish craft beer, then why not get them a mixed case or a festive 6-pack as a Christmas present? Have a look at reason number 1 to see some of our favourite festive drinks and check out The White Hag and Independent Brewing for more delicious beers.

4. Time to rekindle some friendships

What better time than cold winter evenings to go to a warm pub and meet friends you haven’t seen in quite a while, to catch up with them, whilst enjoying a fine pint of Irish craft beer? You can even try one of the festive varieties if they have it.

5. The Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair!

This February, don’t miss out on the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair that takes place in Dublin. As Ireland’s largest craft beer festival, it’s definitely an excellent opportunity for craft beer lovers to discover new fantastic microbreweries and their excellent products. We’ll be there!

These are just some of the reasons why we think you should enjoy a pint of Irish craft beer this winter. Let us know if you have any more!