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Best Irish craft beer bars in London

By Shane McCarthy on February 18, 2019

While the business and political elites are trying to forecast shifting trade winds with the on-going debate around Brexit, the end consumer may soon feel the pain of the trickle-down costs for imported goods.Add to that, the the annual pilgrimage to Craft Beer Rising Festival 19’ and St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we thought it timely to list out some of the best bars in London pouring Irish Craft Beers in the lead up to March 2...
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Beer Review: Downstream Hybrid IPL V2

By Kevin McLaughlin on June 18, 2018

Downstream is back!.... and this time it’s personal Those of you who follow my blog The Dirty Hallion might remember I wrote a piece on Downstream IPL when it was released last year. As a beer nerd I loved being able to know more about the beer I was drinking and the fact it was a pretty tasty brew was an added bonus. Well it’s back, the IT guys have revamped the website, the design guys have updated the branding and the br...
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Brief History of Irish Brewing and the Rise of Craft Beer

By Kevin McLaughlin on May 31, 2018

Ireland is an island that has long been associated with the brewing and the drinking of beer, from the earliest recording of brewing over 5000 years ago, to the current behemoth of Guinness. It has the perfect temperate climate for growing barley, though not the best for growing hops. This explains why traditional Irish beer styles would be to the darker end of the spectrum, leaning heavily on roast malt to give flavour instead of...
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