Ireland Craft Beers


Black Donkey Brewing

Ballinlough, Co. Roscommon

Founded in the summer of 2014 by husband and wife team Richard Siberry and Michaela Dillon, in Co. Roscommon, in the west of Ireland, Black Donkey Brewing is Ireland’s original, multi-award winning farmhouse style brewery. Hearkening back to a time when Ireland supported as many as 200 regional breweries, Black Donkey Brewing’s aim is to help cement Ireland’s reputation as a premier brewing nation, both at home and abroad.

When it was announced that they were going to launch with a Farmhouse Ale, or Saison, other brewers said that they were crazy, that it would never sell in Ireland. Sheep Stealer is still the original, and we think the best Irish Saison, accounting for 60% of Black Donkey’s production volume.

Black Donkey’s beers are brewed the same way beer’s been brewed for generations. The brewery workflow is almost totally manual, although the recent invention of the electric pump is much appreciated by all on the brew-crew. The beer is never filtered, and no chemicals, finings or other additives are ever used.

The entire brewing and packaging process “from grain to glass” takes place in the 560M2 brewery, in the village of Ballinlough, all Black Donkey beers are bottled or kegged on site. Every brew is pure, natural, vegetarian and vegan friendly, and is packed with natural flavour and character. Bottle and keg conditioning means the beers are live, and can continue to evolve and develop over time, much like fine wines.

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