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Who we are?

Established in 2014, Ireland Craft Beers built a business model to evolve the revolution of the Irish Craft Beverage scene and help accelerate producers onto the Global Export Markets. Our team comprises of three enterprising executives with backgrounds in accounting, finance and marketing; backed up by three experienced non-executive directors with expertise in global sales and logistics at plc level. Ireland Craft Beers is designed to act as an intermediary between Irish Micro-Breweries, Cideries, Distilleries, and off-shore beer distributors to benefit all parties involved.

Operating globally from two main distribution hubs in Belfast & London, Ireland Craft Beers allows the producers to focus on creating artisan craft beverages from Imperial Whiskey Aged Stouts and Heather Sour Ales to Single Variety Hand Pressed Irish Cider and Single Grain, Small Batch, Pot Distilled Whiskeys, Gins and Poitins.

Why Irish craft beer?

Ireland is renowned for its high quality food and drink produce and we believe Irish craft beer, ciders, gins and whiskeys are one of the global leaders in terms of quality and taste (Trust us - we've sampled a lot!). All of our Irish craft beers are made with fresh Irish water and the finest of ingredients sourced both locally and from around the world. The beer we distribute is made to order and delivered straight from the brewery to the shelves or keg, making it 100% fresh and ready to be enjoyed.

How do we chose our beer to distribute?

We continually search the length and breadth of Ireland to discover the best of Irish craft beers, Irish ciders and small batch spirits that are available within the Emerald Isle. We pride ourselves in selecting the best Independent Irish micro-breweries, cideries and distilleries. To feature on the site and gain our backing, products must showcase a unique and brilliant style of brewing, alongside a great Irish heritage to their brewing technique. If we love it, we can back it, market it, advertise it and ensure it reaches a wider market.

  • Shane McCarthy

    Shane McCarthy

    Founder & CEO

  • Liam Brogan

    Liam Brogan

    COO & FD

  • Colin Brannigan

    Colin Brannigan

    Marketing Director

  • Ken Adamson

    Ken Adamson

    Chairman (Non-Executive)

  • Lance Hayward

    Lance Hayward

    Global Sales (Non-Executive)

  • Donal McLynn

    Donal McLynn

    Business Development Executive

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